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“GERHANA BULAN PURNAMA: Saksikan nanti malam mulai pukul 19:00 di langit Indonesia” merupakan judul artikel yang saya baca kemarin sore di sayang nya dalam artikel tersebut hanya wilayah Indonesia bagian Tengah dan Timur saja yang beruntung dapat menyaksikan fenomena alam tersebut, hal itu membuat saya merasa sedikit kecewa karena lokasi saya berada di wilayah Indonesia bagian Barat. bagi yang ingin melihat gerhana bulan yang terjadi kemarin berikut adalah  Live Streaming yang dapat anda akses di website dimana ada sekitar 14 lokasi pengamatan yang dapat anda lihat, berikut link dari 14 lokasi pengamatan gerhana bulan:

Lokasi Pengamatan

4.  Lampung

sumber gambar:



You are what You Think

It is said, a young mother has two sons. Unfortunately, the youngest son has grown sluggish thinking skills, not having the intelligence of his brother. Be he’s a shy, low self-esteem and often harassed by teman2 in school. Read the rest of this entry »


YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK is the tagline that I use in this blog, started when I attended a seminar about NLP on STT Telematics Bogor few weeks ago as a speaker was Mr. Jumala Multazam, MM, CM.NLP that point is about how to change our mindset to be more organized and directed. you are what you think it means you are what you think, if we think we can Insha Allah can, but when kitar think we can not, any effort will not succeed. We can be whatever we want to change the mindset / way we think, as in the following hadith:

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Manual Book TPW 1.5

In earlier posts we discussed about turbo pascal for windows, as a follow-up following his simple TPW 1.5 Manual Book:

1. TPW 1.5 Manual Book 1

2. TPW 1.5 Manual Book 2

Turbo Pascal for Windows (TPW)

TPW is a program used in the PASCAL programming language on a computer with the operating system is windows. Turbo Pascal itself is a popular version in PASCAL. PASCAL has become the standard language in the world of computer education.

Pascal is one of the most simple programming language and is the basic language. So that could be for someone who wants to be one of the pascal language programmer who must master.

Not too difficult to understand this language pascal. For structures in pascal has many similarities with the structure of the algorithm. So it is important we know the algorithm so by simply changing the shape of the structure according to TPW Pascal in the program is the program that we arrange with the algorithm will be executed. Read the rest of this entry »


1. Sorting

2. Quick Sort, Radix Sort & Hashing

3. Searching

4. Tree


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