Bimbo Group at Bogor Agricultural University

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Bimbo group a famous music group who launch their song on “Sajadah Pnajang” and “TUHAN’ came to join and participate in the  Halal bi Halal Program of Bogor Agricultural University, s held in Grha Widya Wisuda (GWW), Dramaga Campus, on 15 September 2010.

Bimbo Group which consisited Sam Bimbo, Acil Bimbo, Jaka Bimbo have  hypnotized  Academicians Bogor Agricultural University performed nine songs, namely, Rasul Menyuruh Kita (the Prophet Telling Us), Setiap Habis Ramadhan (Every After Ramadan), Balada Biduan (ballad singers), Lailatul Qadar (Laylat al-Qadr), Sajadah Panjang (Length Sajadah), Bermata Tapi Tak Melihat (having eyes but unable to see), Tuhan (God), Jual Beli (trading) and  Ibu Pertiwi (the Earth). On this occasion, Rector of Bogor Agricultural University, Prof. Dr.Herry Suhardiyanto, M.Sc. came to the stage to  sing “Long Sajadah” together with Bimbo.

At the beginning of his welcome remarks,  the Rector, stated that those who observed the  ritual of Ramadan they seemed to go up the stairs on the spiral staircase, where to reach the highest ladder through a sharp ascent just as achieving the highest degree in the eyes of Allah SWT.

“Islamic values observed during the holy month should be followed and implemented  in our everyday life. Let’s us strive and  continue to improve campus to achieve its international standards and  even to be the World Class University. The value of patience, sincerity, and honesty made as a transformation elements to improve the Bogor Agricultural University”, he stated.

Rector has also requested every member of the Bogor Agricultural University community  to be thankful to whatever God blesses us,  and should never be underestimate and laugh at others, because it is not good habt and will cause counter-productive in developing the IPB image.

Do not ever laugh at others, because it could be that those who are mocked they are  better than those who laugh at, and do not ever humiliate,” the rector said quoting the Hadith of the Prophet.

This general audience event is also part of a series of the 47th anniversary (Dies Natalis) of Bogor Agricultual University with the theme “Transformasi Perguruan Tinggi Akuntabel, Memperkokoh Karakter Bangsa dengan Ketahanan Pangan”. (Transforming Higher Education Accountability, Character Strengthening the Nation by Food Security). The transformation of Bogor Agricultural University to be an accountable university in all areas which is gearing toward strengthening the character of the nation.

Some of the agenda outlined by Rector for the Dies Natalis of Bogor Agriccultural University are:  Social works,  Orphans’ Funding, open forum, the Scientific Oration, Healthy Morning Walk, sports competitions, National Seminar, Farmer Field Day, Studium General and Graduation, Clean and Appropriate  Campus Movement, Tribute to Senior, IPB Forum Hearing, PHKI Expo, Expo SUA, Appreciation Night and the Alumni Achievement Award which will be held concurently at the closing of Dies Natalis.

Bimbo Group at Bogor Agricultural University’ Halal Bi Halal
Grha Widya Wisuda (GWW), Kampus IPB Dramaga Bogor
Thursday, September 23 2010


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