Want to go to work eh rain, again working your own fun eh lg rain, pas mo go home yet again the rain … maybe those were the words that we often say, oddly, the rain that was Rachel but why many people are complaining yach … frog story reminds children who fear the rain … The following quotation from the story of his d www.eramuslim.com

There is a separate anxiety felt by a young frog when the sky suddenly darkened. “Mom, what we will perish. Why is the sky suddenly darkened?” frog boy said, hugging its mother’s arm tightly. The mother welcoming embrace it with gentle caresses.

“My son,” said the mother later. “It’s not a sign of our misery. Instead, it is a good sign.” mains unclear frog while continuing to stroke. And child frog began to calm.

However, peace did not last long. Suddenly the wind blowing hard. Dried leaves and stalks strewn start flying. Trees meandering wind mocked. Again, a daunting sight for the little frog. “Mom, that’s what else? Is that what we’ve been waiting for?” asked the boy frog while hiding behind its mother’s body.

“My son. It was just the wind,” said the mother was affected state. “It’s also a sign that we must wait here!” added so soothing. And child frog began to calm. He began to enjoy a blast of wind that seemed daunting.

“Blarrr!” darting lightning sound. Flashes of white light makes the atmosphere even more so frightening. This time, the child frog could no longer say anything. He not only embrace and hid behind the parent body. But also shaking. “Buuu, I’m very afraid. Afraid so!” he said as he kept closing his eyes.

“Patience, my son!” he said as he kept stroking. “It was just lightning. It was the third sign that we no longer wait to come! Out. Look at the signs that seem scary. Be thankful, because the rains would soon come,” said the mother frog was so quiet.

Son of the frog starts to come out from behind the parent body. He tried to look up, staring at the black sky, wind-liukkan winding branch, and bolt of lightning that was so dazzling. Suddenly, he cried out loud, “Mom, the rain came. Rain coming! Horeeee!”


Gift of life sometimes appear through routes that are not desired. He does not come accompanied with melodious flute toot. Not driven by a lady’s maid lovely nan. Not refreshed with fragrant scent.

At that moment, not a few men who eventually played the situation. Just like a child afraid of frogs that just because a black sky, the wind is blowing hard, and the blinding flash of lightning. In fact, is exactly the signs of rain.

Correct what was said parent frog: do not be afraid to move, do not hide from reality, patient and encounter. Because rain is expected, God willing, will come. Together difficulty there is relief. Once again, with difficulty there is relief. (Mnuh)

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