Making rain Pain?

Tik tik tik sound of rain on the roof, the water is down does not measure, try to look at the branches and twigs, trees and gardens all wet …

Children usually well memorized this song. The song about the rain that is memorable and easily sung. Although the song about the rain is often taught parents in their children, but they generally do not give children the opportunity to feel the rain itself. Moreover, the rainy-hujanan. The reason is fear of pain. Is it true that the rain makes the child sick?

Most parents believe, the rain can make children sick. Starting from the fever, influenza, or diarrhea. In fact, rain water which fell for the first time after a long dry season is considered containing a number of diseases. This view is very fair, because not a few children who fell ill after a rainy-hujanan. But, if true rain causes a child is sick, why are many children who remained healthy wal afiat after playing ball under the pouring rain?

Actual Facts

What happens when your child is the rain? They must be cold because his body was drenched by rain water. When cold, the body is forced to expend energy unnecessarily. If the child’s immune system is weak, the body can not compensate for the change in body temperature that is too drastic. As a result, body resistance goes down and his health was impaired. The disease appears to vary, such as influenza, cough and flu, fever, diarrhea, or itching. Generally, the disease more easily arise is a disease that is rampant (read: in season) at the time the child rain. However, the pain suffered by children generally are not too severe. It can even be cured without treatment or with only a bowl of hot soup and baluran eucalyptus oil to the entire body.
So, in fact the rain will not cause health problems in children when their immune system is quite good. Therefore, parents should not be too protective. Let your child occasionally rainy-hujanan. This is good for the child’s body build resistance to rain (read: cold temperatures).

You need to be careful in young children with asthma and allergies. Rain could trigger a recurrence of asthma and allergy attacks. The form of itching, coughing, or sneezing. Similarly, in children with a chronic illness. Rain can lower the body resistance and can be much more severe penmyakitnya
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