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Good Afternoon … I want to go home before posting something, sometimes the author is often in question about the files suddenly disappear, whether it be in flash or the hard drive … penyababnya is one of the virus.

Maybe for someone who likes to cafe & make Flash Disk (FD) to keep a record of never having a virus infected a very effective kind of eagle attacks the FD. Folders and files they store on FD “lost” when scanned with AVG antivirus sorts. These facts make ordinary users do not want to heal the file or folder that caught ama AVG. And maybe that was caught was not the original file or folder, but a mere duplication of the original name. and of course the original hidden.

To ngebedain between a genuine or fake, see aja extension, which is 3 letters after the name of the file and begins with the point. for example, we have Ms file. Word, extension fileword.doc, fileword.rtf ff. To folder does not have the extension.

In this way we so know, where the original and which are not. if that ketangkep AVG berextensi ama-for example: – fileword.exe or fileword.scr, then it could dipastiin virus, do not hesitate though iconnya same with Ms. Word. To folder is usually duplicated with the extension. Scr or. Exe, do not hesitate too although iconnya view similar to the yellow folder.

Then the original file where?

The following are pretty powerful way in my opinion, and often the results are OK I use is …

1. open notepad (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad)

2. sintax type the following:

attrib-r-a-s-h / s / d


3. click File -> Save As -> change the file save as it becomes all the file -> save with the name unhide.bat -> Save

paint: whatever may be the file name extension as long as the berries. bat

4. copy the file to the directory where the files are lost before, eg in falshdisk or drive F:

5. Double-click the file, wait a moment … Zzzzzzz …. and your files back again ….

pratis files are very useful and most importantly made your own … he ”

may be useful ….

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