Install Windows XP with USB

Netbooks have become the choice for today’s society, the netbook has a size smaller than a notebook, usually measuring 7-10 inch netbook, notebook while measuring more than 10 inches … netbook function itself is limited, only to perform daily activities such as browsing, check email, typing, etc.. While the notebooks ability equivalent to a desktop computer.

because of its small size and simple many people who choose netbooks, besides its price slightly cheaper than the notebook. netbooks do not come with optical drives, the problem arises what if we want to reinstall the OS    (ex: Windows XP)?

The following step-by-step how to use WinSetupFromUSB-one program assistant master Windows XP-makers to create a bootable USB flash drive complete with a master Windows XP. Compared with other ways, it is shorter and easier to perform, even for those who are not confident enough and called himself as a beginner.
Before you begin, you need to download WinSetupFromUSB here. This program can support the installation of either Windows XP 32-bit or 64 bit.

Besides, all you need is:
– minimum-sized USB stick 1GB
– Original Windows XP CD
– The courage and a little patience


1. Go to Create a special folder where you saved the file Installing Windows. Here I save the installer file in D: \ WinXPHome. Next copy all the contents of your Windows XP Installer CD into this folder

2. Download WinSetupFromUSB here and then Install

3. Once completed Install, Run WinSetupFromUSB program. Do not forget to flash your plugged into the USB slot. So that will appear in the USB Disk Selection are like this:

4. Select your Source Folder. Click the Browse button in the line of Windows 2000/XP/2003. Discover the master folder of Windows XP that we have previously made. In this case I use the D: \ WinXPHome.

Do not forget to click OK and the folder D: \ WinXPHome will appear in Windows 2000/XP/2003 Source column.

4. Format your USB flash. Previously I’ve introduced a tool that is a USB flash pemformat HPUSBFW (HP Formatting Tool). Here, you no longer need the program, because in the existing program WinSetupFromUSB pemformat flash program that has been integrated.

Just a suggestion, USB flash measuring up to 1-2GB should be formatted in FAT16. As for the flash 4GB and above must be formatted in FAT32. This time I will reformat the flash Vandisk mine with FAT16 by clicking WinSetupFromUSB RMPrepUSB in the main menu.

5. In RMPrepUSB main page you will find your flash drive in the bottom of the column. Next select FAT16, Boot As HDD, and XP Bootable (NTLDR). Also make sure you do not choose checkboks Choose Folder in the bottom. Click Prepare Drive to start the format like the following illustration:

When the confirmation appears from RMPrepUSB, click OK. The flash you will soon be formatted. If the information appears successful, click OK and Exit to exit the program.

6. Copy all the files in the folder Windows XP master. To begin this step, click the GO button in the main window WinSetupFromUSB program. Wait a few moments to complete the document copying process. If you are still using USB 2.0, this process will not take long. The first time I use this program on a PC Pentium 4 with USB 1.1, when copying a document takes about 20 minutes.

If it appears License Agreement, please read and click Agree. Furthermore, when you see a confirmation like this, then the circuit this process has been completed.

Click OK and close the program WinSetupFromUSB by selecting the EXIT button.

Next you live to boot via USB. In some cases you need to press the button that varies, ranging from the F12, F8 until Esc. You can find it in the guide follow-on installation on the Netbook with no Optical Drive, which will write later ….

The author has tried and succeeded …. alhamdulillah Regards …


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