double driver portable

Some time ago I had one computer Reinstall Driver CD of his staff which is lost …. fortunately I remembered her with a portable program which is called a double one portable driver, the function of this program is to restore membeckup or drivers who have instal on our computers, the problem of capacity do not worry this program is portable so that it is small and does not need to d install.

The following steps to restore membeckup and drivers:

1. Download drivers portable double click here

2. copy files to drive D, right-click the file and click extract here

3. Double click (Run) the file dd.exe

4. Click Beckup (for membeckup), then click scan current system

5. select the drivers that we will beckup, fter finished click save Now Beckup D or d d drive external hard drive

to restore (the condition after Reinstall) drivers, run the program dd.exe on the D drive before, click restore -> click the locate beckup (look for driver files which we beckup earlier), then click the restore now …..

Good luck ….

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