Turbo Pascal for Windows (TPW)

TPW is a program used in the PASCAL programming language on a computer with the operating system is windows. Turbo Pascal itself is a popular version in PASCAL. PASCAL has become the standard language in the world of computer education.

Pascal is one of the most simple programming language and is the basic language. So that could be for someone who wants to be one of the pascal language programmer who must master.

Not too difficult to understand this language pascal. For structures in pascal has many similarities with the structure of the algorithm. So it is important we know the algorithm so by simply changing the shape of the structure according to TPW Pascal in the program is the program that we arrange with the algorithm will be executed.

Perhaps the various programs that relate to our lives can be conceptualized with this algorima and pascal. As an example of ya on my second practicum assignment, ie create a program to calculate the cost of electricity usage. With the big unknown is the use of electricity in a month with a certain formula that has been set it will soon be out the amount of the costs to be paid even greater penalties and also for those who pay late. It wrote a glimpse of TPW and pascal.




Sources: arsyil.blogspot.com

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