You are what You Think

It is said, a young mother has two sons. Unfortunately, the youngest son has grown sluggish thinking skills, not having the intelligence of his brother. Be he’s a shy, low self-esteem and often harassed by teman2 in school.

Double duty as the mother of the household, her exhausted, so that inaction was the youngest are often the target of anger and annoyance. Harsh words, such as: “you little fool” and the like as a daily meal for the youngest.

Greeting the mother and ridicule from friends, convinced that he was the youngest child is distressing and embarrassing his family. Disappointment with yourself reflected in the activities carried out by the day. Every morning wake up, while his own face staring from the mirror reflection, he commenced to address themselves in mirrors while quietly and sadly say, “The fool was washing her face”, “The fool started to brush my teeth,” “The fool anymore bath , “” The fool went to school, “and so on.

Time passed …

Told, as adult citizens, there is compulsory military service should be lived. Thus, the youngest son was also signed up and started to follow the various tests: a medical, physical ability tests and other tests. When the day of the announcement, he was summoned to the board of examiners.

“Ah … I’m the fool, can pass the test this time?” he said to himself, as he entered the room with his head bowed. It was not suspected at all, the test results has received high praise from the board of examiners. “Congratulations young man! Your test results amazing! You are really great and talented young man.”

Such praise, as though he did not believe his own ears. The words of the board of examiners is the discovery of a new side of her that is not known in advance. The voice keeps echoing in his mind, cultivate pride, motivate each reflecting the attitudes and actions that he is great and wonderful people. Begin daily cycle of change, “I, the great man was in the shower,” “The great wash your face,” “talented young man again brushing teeth,” and so on. Confidence and improved self-image remarkable.

Hingga20 years later, the youngest established himself as a successful businessman who admired, respected, and received many awards.

Netter Exceptional!

Mindset and belief system is the power behind the success that is within us. Whatever we think and we believe in benakkita continuously, it will eventually materialize in reality. That’s the universal mind applicable laws.

If we always say: “How could I be successful?”, “It’s hard work,” the tendency of such a mental attitude that will be followed by the reality of failure. Conversely if we say to yourself, “I can succeed,” I’m capable, “it is probable we will strive in various ways so that success can be achieved exactly what we believe and think.

So precise was the phrase that says YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK. You are what you think! Come, have a healthy self-image! Have confidence that steady!

Hail a great success!

Author: Andrie Wongso



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