YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK is the tagline that I use in this blog, started when I attended a seminar about NLP on STT Telematics Bogor few weeks ago as a speaker was Mr. Jumala Multazam, MM, CM.NLP that point is about how to change our mindset to be more organized and directed. you are what you think it means you are what you think, if we think we can Insha Allah can, but when kitar think we can not, any effort will not succeed. We can be whatever we want to change the mindset / way we think, as in the following hadith:

“Sesungguhnya Allah berfirman: “Aku sebagaimana prasangka hambaku kepada-Ku. Aku bersamanya jika ia berdoa kepada-Ku.” [HR.Turmudzi]

Great power to transform themselves into better actually exists in each one, so I think to change our current situation is needed is to change our mindset, change our behavior which is not good, and always had positive thinking. Word of Allah in the following:

“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah nasib suatu kaum kecuali kaum itu sendiri yang mengubah apa apa yang pada diri mereka ”

QS 13:11

When we have changed our mindset, change our behavior which is not good do not forget to be thankful for what we get today. If people want to appreciate the little gifts of Allah SWT, then nothing is impossible for Allah SWT” ….

May we become a person who has always been better than ever to be useful for life. Amin…


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