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Three Speech for Three Conditions

Living in the world for a believer is facing a long list of different exam that comes from God the Creator, the Most Originator longer omnipotent. Sometimes life tinged with a condition like and sometimes with the grief. A believer never complained even blame God when it is being tested by life’s difficulties. He always tried to remain patient when the examination of grief hit her life. Instead of a believer is not going to forget to be grateful when being tested with the gift of God’s pleasure. So beautiful and the good response of a believer facing a variety of tests so that the Prophet Muhammad’s life shollallahu ‘alaih wa sallam express his amazement. Read the rest of this entry »

Making rain Pain?

Tik tik tik sound of rain on the roof, the water is down does not measure, try to look at the branches and twigs, trees and gardens all wet …

Children usually well memorized this song. The song about the rain that is memorable and easily sung. Although the song about the rain is often taught parents in their children, but they generally do not give children the opportunity to feel the rain itself. Moreover, the rainy-hujanan. The reason is fear of pain. Is it true that the rain makes the child sick?
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Want to go to work eh rain, again working your own fun eh lg rain, pas mo go home yet again the rain … maybe those were the words that we often say, oddly, the rain that was Rachel but why many people are complaining yach … frog story reminds children who fear the rain … The following quotation from the story of his d

There is a separate anxiety felt by a young frog when the sky suddenly darkened. “Mom, what we will perish. Why is the sky suddenly darkened?” frog boy said, hugging its mother’s arm tightly. The mother welcoming embrace it with gentle caresses.
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Asmaa’ul husna

Dalam agama Islam, Asmaa’ul husna adalah nama-nama Allah ta’ala yang indah dan baik. Asma berarti nama dan husna berati yang baik atau yang indah jadi Asma’ul Husna adalah nama nama milik Allah ta’ala yang baik lagi indah. Read the rest of this entry »

Dialog Iblis Laknatullah Dengan Nabi Muhammad SAW

………dari Muadz bin Jabal dari Ibn Abbas…
Ketika kami sedang bersama Rasulullah SAW di kediaman seorang sahabat Anshar, tiba-tiba terdengar panggilan seseorang dari luar rumah: “Wahai penghuni rumah, bolehkah aku masuk? Sebab kalian akan membutuhkanku.” Read the rest of this entry »

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