Harddisk (1 Yottabytes)

NSA is building an indoor area of ​​92,903 m2 as a storage hard drive and costs about 2 billion dollars. The plan of this place will be able to store data for a Yottabytes predicted will be realized in 2015. Well, certainly on the right Yottabytes ask? How much does a Yottabytes it? Read the rest of this entry »

double driver portable

Some time ago I had one computer Reinstall Driver CD of his staff which is lost …. fortunately I remembered her with a portable program which is called a double one portable driver, the function of this program is to restore membeckup or drivers who have instal on our computers, the problem of capacity do not worry this program is portable so that it is small and does not need to d install.

The following steps to restore membeckup and drivers:

1. Download drivers portable double click here

2. copy files to drive D, right-click the file and click extract here

3. Double click (Run) the file dd.exe

4. Click Beckup (for membeckup), then click scan current system

5. select the drivers that we will beckup, fter finished click save Now Beckup D or d d drive external hard drive

to restore (the condition after Reinstall) drivers, run the program dd.exe on the D drive before, click restore -> click the locate beckup (look for driver files which we beckup earlier), then click the restore now …..

Good luck ….

Three Speech for Three Conditions

Living in the world for a believer is facing a long list of different exam that comes from God the Creator, the Most Originator longer omnipotent. Sometimes life tinged with a condition like and sometimes with the grief. A believer never complained even blame God when it is being tested by life’s difficulties. He always tried to remain patient when the examination of grief hit her life. Instead of a believer is not going to forget to be grateful when being tested with the gift of God’s pleasure. So beautiful and the good response of a believer facing a variety of tests so that the Prophet Muhammad’s life shollallahu ‘alaih wa sallam express his amazement. Read the rest of this entry »

Remove “desktop.ini”

Maybe you are not familiar with the message on the side, which appears every time the startup. clearly annoyed, and then how to eliminate them?

The following steps are taken from


Read the rest of this entry »

Install Windows XP with USB

Netbooks have become the choice for today’s society, the netbook has a size smaller than a notebook, usually measuring 7-10 inch netbook, notebook while measuring more than 10 inches … netbook function itself is limited, only to perform daily activities such as browsing, check email, typing, etc.. While the notebooks ability equivalent to a desktop computer.

because of its small size and simple many people who choose netbooks, besides its price slightly cheaper than the notebook. netbooks do not come with optical drives, the problem arises what if we want to reinstall the OS    (ex: Windows XP)? Read the rest of this entry »

Workshop “Personal Website”


1.  Personal website/ blog wordpress

2. Personal website/ blog gratis di wordpress.com

3. Personal website/ blog gratis di wordpress.com 2

4. Materi

iPhone 4 Got Casing of Plants….

Environmentally friendly iPhone casing (ist)

Jakarta – Who would have guessed, the plant turned out to be so strong materials as a protective iPhone class mobile phone 4. Casing that can also be for the iPhone 3G, 3G, iPod Touch and Nano, was deliberately made from plants for environmental friendliness.

The casing is produced by Bioserie, a Hong Kong company. Quoted from Thinq, Wednesday (12/22/2010), the chassis ‘green’ is reportedly able to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their production processes. Read the rest of this entry »

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