Palm Pad, Weapons HP for ‘Killing’ iPad?

Jakarta – Hewlett-Packard’s intention to shake up the iPad hegemony in the realm of the tablet PC will reportedly be realized in the near future. The big PC vendors are also staying digadang PalmPad ready to remove the latest generation as a ‘killer’ iPad.

Quoted from FoxNews, Wednesday (22/12/2010), PalmPad said to have a more slender body and a slightly smaller screen than the iPad, which is only 8.9 inch. Weighing was only about half a kilogram. Read the rest of this entry »

‘McD’ up “5 Steps to Clear Accounts FB”

Jakarta – A malicious program that scalp name ‘McDonalds’ sprang up. If a victim, your Facebook account will distribute it to all contacts.

Of course it is very annoying. In addition there are also potential used for the benefit that can not be accounted for.
Then, how do I fix this? following as submitted Alfons Tanujaya, antivirus analysts Vaksincom, which quoted on Saturday (10/30/2010): Read the rest of this entry »

Wild, Virus Mc Donald is on Facebook!

Recently I got the invitation with a link one of his examples contain the words “I got you a surprice” followed by a link, or links such as address at to watch the video excited about McDonald’s. It’s called a lot. There is “The Truth Behind McDonald’s” and “McDonald Shocking Video”. However, rather than to the video in question, up you actually deploy the same invitation to friends and pollute your inbox if you click it.

Be careful. All of that is just fun to trick people who use your Facebook account. This is a new virus in up to steal personal data of users. If the perpetrators evil, then it is not your account may be used for a variety of fraud through Facebook. Read the rest of this entry »

Make Unhide Files

Good Afternoon … I want to go home before posting something, sometimes the author is often in question about the files suddenly disappear, whether it be in flash or the hard drive … penyababnya is one of the virus.

Maybe for someone who likes to cafe & make Flash Disk (FD) to keep a record of never having a virus infected a very effective kind of eagle attacks the FD. Folders and files they store on FD “lost” when scanned with AVG antivirus sorts. These facts make ordinary users do not want to heal the file or folder that caught ama AVG. And maybe that was caught was not the original file or folder, but a mere duplication of the original name. and of course the original hidden.
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Making rain Pain?

Tik tik tik sound of rain on the roof, the water is down does not measure, try to look at the branches and twigs, trees and gardens all wet …

Children usually well memorized this song. The song about the rain that is memorable and easily sung. Although the song about the rain is often taught parents in their children, but they generally do not give children the opportunity to feel the rain itself. Moreover, the rainy-hujanan. The reason is fear of pain. Is it true that the rain makes the child sick?
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Want to go to work eh rain, again working your own fun eh lg rain, pas mo go home yet again the rain … maybe those were the words that we often say, oddly, the rain that was Rachel but why many people are complaining yach … frog story reminds children who fear the rain … The following quotation from the story of his d

There is a separate anxiety felt by a young frog when the sky suddenly darkened. “Mom, what we will perish. Why is the sky suddenly darkened?” frog boy said, hugging its mother’s arm tightly. The mother welcoming embrace it with gentle caresses.
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Program Portable

Pagi semua, entah kenapa pagi ini saya ingin menulis tentang program portable, mungkin karena program ini praktis dan sangat bermanfaat apabila kepepet, sebenarnya program portable mungkin sudah tidak asing lagi bagi kita, Ada yang belum tau??? he”, Aplikasi portabel adalah sebuah perangkat lunak komputer yang dapat dibawa dalam peralatan portabel (contohnya: USB flash drive) dan dapat digunakan di setiap komputer tanpa perlu melalui proses instalasi terlebih dahulu. Read the rest of this entry »

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